BRON Media Corp.

BRON Media Corp. (“BRON”) is the parent to two main operating hubs – BRON Studios and BRON Digital. Co-founded in 2010 by Aaron L. Gilbert and Brenda Gilbert, BRON is the prolific and award-winning studio behind some of the most high-profile films of the last decade, in both the independent and studio worlds. BRON has produced or executive produced more than 125 productions, and BRON companies have received hundreds of honors including 38 Academy Awards nominations (6 wins), 39 BAFTA Awards nominations, and more than 250 Film Festival Award nominations. BRON is well known for many culture-shifting and history-making productions over the years and the Company’s focus is on live-action and animated film and television production, leaning in heavily with interactive gaming, music, and culture.

BRON Studios

BRON’s creative team develops and produces live-action scripted and nonscripted film and series television content for global release including a direct-to-consumer model. BRON works with some of the industry’s top creators, filmmakers, and on-screen talent, leveraging its relationships across the film, television, music, and fashion space to build community-led content offerings. BRON has been a financial backer, back-office studio, and co-producing partner to some of the most notable start-up production companies, such as Kid Cudi’s Mad Solar, the team behind HBO’s EUPHORIA and HBO’s THE IDOL (starring the Weeknd), Apple’s BLACK BIRD and Focus’ TAR, Apple’s THE MORNING SHOW, and A24’s X.

BRON Digital

BRON Digital is a state-of-the-art virtual production company that uses Epic Games’ Unreal Engine at its core. We provide a comprehensive breakdown and development of IPs – matching them with the appropriate virtual production tools (motion capture, digital facial performance, and real-time shot production, etc.) to provide a seamless journey for creatives into the digital future across a variety of mediums and platforms.